Thursday, February 11, 2010

Funny post-preempt decision

In a friendly imp match on bridgebase, I had an interesting decision: White/red, I had AKT9xxx Txx xx x. I was second seat, and it went:





Any thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jon,

It is good to see you blogging some more on bridge. You once won 4 sectional swisses in a row. When I asked for a key to your success you said something to the effect that you sacrifice a lot less than your opps. Since then I cut back on sacrificing and would not do so here. So the only reason for my opinion here is your input. Not that I ever won anything in a row.

Jeff Rubens would say any clown can plan the defense with dummy seen. On the basis of information given, I will trick 1 with spade King and shift to diamonds.