Saturday, September 12, 2009

Defensive problem from BB final

You're up about 80 with 42 boards to go in the Bermuda Bowl final, and your opponents aren't shy to begin with, so you'll be given some defensive opportunities. Here's a chance to pad your lead...or make things a little more interesting:

You: T7 K32 QT73 AK84 Dummy: A984 T876 A J653

You deal at both vul., and it goes 1D-P-1H-1S-X-3D-X-P-P-4S-AP. I'm pretty sure 3D was a 4-card limit raise and passing 3D-X showed interest.

You lead the CA (agree?) and get the CT from partner, right-side-up. Your move?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Play problem from Monday's Swiss

The obvious 1nt-3nt auction gets you to a contract that is tenuous, to say the least:

Dummy: 94 Q94 AK764 T92
Declarer: Q763 AJ83 J53 AK

West leads the C4. Plan the play (at imps).