Monday, October 26, 2009

Decisive opening leads from Sunday

I hope some loyal readers have their alerts set to find out there is an actual post! I'm busier with work this year, so the blog has slowed way down. I did make it to a regional in Lake Geneva, WI this weekend. Here are two critical opening lead problems from yesterday's Swiss:

1. You hold AT Jxxx Ax QTxxx, and the opponents bid uncontested, P-1S-2C!-2D-3D-4S, where 2C was defined as 3-or-4-card Drury, and 2D as natural. What do you lead against 4S?

2. You hold xxx QTx 9x QJxxx, and they bid uncontested 4S-4NT-5H-6S. Your lead against 6S?