Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Robot madness

Regular readers know that I'm fairly unbiased on this blog, in terms of including lots of hands I messed up, etc., right? I hope this gives me license to publicize the following. Last night I substantially broke my previous record in a (12-board) robot duplicate, scoring 77.1%. I resolved not to play for a while, since my next effort would surely disappoint, right? Well, but I couldn't resist a game today, and as predicted I couldn't live up to last night, scoring 74.8%, my second-best score ever. :-) Yay, 2.4 masterpoints. Now I really shouldn't play for a while.

Good luck to everyone in Philly...I'm not going, have to get back to work.


Memphis MOJO said...

The robots will drive you absolutely crazy -- another reason not to play for a while, lol.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,

Nice scores! It' a shame that you need to skip Philly just as you reached top form. We will miss you there.


applecor said...

They will drive you crazy, but they are so, so entertaining!

Robot bidding has actually improved noticeably in some areas. However I had a classic last night. I had x AJx KJxx KJxxx. It went 1H on my right, 1S on my left, 1NT on my right. I decided to try double, AFTER confirming that GIB would read it as minors. All pass, making 5, -980 the hard way. Dummy had AQJxxxxx of spades and an ace, and my pard GIB held Qxxxxx of diamonds and another Q. I had some company, and I did beat Robot god Leo LaSota on this board, who managed to get to 1NT redoubled, -2800.

Memphis MOJO said...

I've noticed they don't like to take a preference. Example (us bidding): 1H 1S; 2D ?

The robot seldom will bid 2H with a doubleton, but instead rebid a 5-card spades suit or bid 2NT with an inappropriate hand.

Jonathan Weinstein said...

Another place you are always guessing is whether they will leave in your obvious penalty double or disastrously bid 1 more. Recently I opened 1S and partner made a single raise...later he competed to 3S and the opponents to 4H and I chanced a double (it could be beaten a few). Of course he ran to 4S (which should be down 1) and was doubled...he wasn't done! He ran to 4nt! This could be beaten 6, but the opponents didn't double and only beat it 1! Just an average minus. If I passed 4h he would pass for an average+. The hand is #2 at this link: http://www.bridgebase.com/myhands/hands.php?username=jlw77&start_time=1286254800&end_time=1286427600