Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NYC Board-a-Match

I had a good time last week at the NYC regional and came in a close 4th in the board-a-match...close to 2nd, that is. The winners were about 6 boards clear of the field! I wrote up a cute hand where I could have reduced the margin a small amount -- check out http://www.bridgewinners.com/blogs/nyc-bam-validating-an-insult.html


The Pretender said...

At the key point of the hand, my reaction was to not cover. My analysis was not as deep as yours, but I pretty much assumed that declarer had two or more diamond tricks coming and I didn't want partner to be ruffing a loser when he could ruff the DA.

As to the assumption, I think that the chances of declarer having two or more diamond tricks (QJ or actual layout) is significantly higher than him having the Chinese finesse hand (which didn't even cross my mind).

The Pretender said...

By the way, how was Scarpetta? Did you see my reply on the comment thread before you went?